Make Etsy the ‘top-of-mind’ brand
to find better than mass made.

Senior Art Direction

Every item you discover on Etsy is a celebration of individuality and personality. So why would you settle for the bland, the basic, or the one-size-fits all? Shopping small means bespoke, handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind, so why buy boring?

Using stories around individual people and and anthem that states, “Why buy boring?” we showcase the variety of bespoke items available from individual sellers. Reframing Etsy as not just the place you shop for others, but the place where you shop for yourself too.

Running in the UK and the USA simultaneously this was an interesting cultural challenge. We’ve learned that a one-size-fits all approach to advertising can go down, ‘like a lead baloon’, yet production and budget realities mean that most clients will shoot a campaign to run globally and make local adaptations as an afterthought. The success of this campaign in both markets is due to the fact we kept them both in mind from the brief, writing bespoke scripts for each country, reflecting local language nuances, humour, diversity, locations and fashions and choosing a clean modern look and feel that would not only be received well in each country but reflect the character’s personality and situation in each film in an authentic way.

Special thanks to our director Malik Vitthal who completely understood.

Our social campaign showed that cookie-cutter products that try to appeal to as many people as possible are the trade-off to big box online shopping. When you browse Etsy’s small shops, you’ll find more interesting products. So, why buy boring?

Why choose the mass-produced and cheaply-made?
Why buy the bland, the basic,
and the one-size-fits-all?
Especially when better is out there.
When we can find things that tell the world
who we are, why we’re here, and what we love.
Things we really care about
because they were made by real people — who care.
Things that just matter more.
We’re not boring.
So why surround ourselves with stuff
that isn’t our style — or worse — has no style at all?
Why get things that we are just okay with
when there are things we absolutely adore?
When you know that the amazing,
the special, and the perfect for you exists...
When you know the crazy, the cool,
and one-of-a-kind are waiting…
When exciting is out there,
Why buy boring?