Introducing Garafalo and the food culture
of Naples to an Americain market.

Art Direction & Design. 

The “Cook with Naples” campaign serves as a pure expression of the food culture an history strongly established in Naples, to introduce the pasta to U.S. markets. This is transcribed in the photography of an authentic, yet modern meal with friend and family, thoroughly enjoyed.

The Neapolitan food culture of sharing and enjoying with friends and family starts with pasta.

Meet Lele, the Sleepover Chef. We gave this outspoken, fun-loving Italian chef a simple mission: fly to New York, get invited by locals to cook them typical Neapolitan dinners in exchange for accommodation. 

In this promo video the hilarious Lele is trying to cook for New Yorkers in exchange for a place to stay overnight. But he is not that successful in his mission. If you lived in New York you could actually ask him to come over and cook for you and we ran a competition on Facebook where winners were truly treated to the Neapolitan experience.