The O’Neill winter team hit the streets
to prove they don’t need fresh pow pow
or a sculpted X-Games pipe to #ridemore.

Art Direction & Design.

O’Neill, the original surf, snow and youth lifestyle brand for more than 60 years, today announces #RIDEMORE, which is an open invitation for all riders to join in and enjoy the ride in every possible way. Why? Because every day can’t be a bluebird powder day. Some days you can’t even get to the mountain.

Some days the best riding is in your hometown. #RIDEMORE is about finding alternative ways to ride wherever you are. To find different terrain, to step outside the ordinary, and most of all – be creative.

#RIDEMORE kicked off with the release of the film set in Montreal. Featuring team riders Seb Toots, David Wise, Max Parrott, Frederik Evensen, Erica Langman and Veronique Picard – watch as they turn the Canadian city into a freestyle playground – jibbing every imaginable hit.

Throughout the season, the creativity continued and the pros shared images and videos using the #RIDEMORE. Collected on a hacked Tumblr page to inspire and challenge fans to think & ride outside the box. Who needs a mountain?

In addition a commemorative newspaper was created that was availiable in stores and gifted to the athletes.